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Optimize the transport and buffering of workpieses with BLEICHERT AL75 the highly flexible accumulating conveyor system

Added value through technical highlights

BLEICHERT AL75 accumulating conveyors can be integrated variably into all hall layouts. Connecting manual and automatic workplaces and stations over a distance of between 8 to 120 ft.

Other advantages are:

  • Transport of components on workpiece carrier for standing or suspended alignment
  • Flexible placement of seperations and stops
  • Extremly high availability, long life and high aconomic cost-benefit ratio

Accumulating Pallet Conveyor AL75 and AL75-V

Flexible accumulating conveyor for the transport and buffering of workpieces on pallets

  • High flexibility accumulating conveyor systems
  • Low-wear and maintenance free pallet pickup through patented hysteresis elements
  • Maximum availability
  • Long life
  • Very economical

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Variable and interlinkable pallets

For wear and maintenance-free pallet transport, BLEICHERT uses the permanent-magnetic hysteresis effect. This technical highlight grants the operator decisive advantages in rough everyday operation.

  • Pallets can be transported individually or in a train of up to 6 pallets
  • Pallet trains up to a lenght of 1,800 mm
  • Pallet widhts variable from 600 to 1,500 mm
  • Up to 4 m² basic surface achievable through screwed on workpiece pickup
  • Only one drive motor required for pallet transport

BLEICHERT AL75 - Low-maintenance and highly variable

The core of the BLEICHERT AL75 are pallets with a length of 1 ft with four rollers each, two hysteresis couplings, deflection moulds, and a centering system. The bearing strength of the workpieces is deflected via the rollers and not via the drive chains. This is why the AL75 accumulating conveyors are especially smooth-running and only require little maintenance.

Accumulating Pallet Conveyor AL75 "SMART"

The AL75 "SMART" is a more economical and cheaper solution for lighter weight workpieces.

The core of the BLEICHERT AL75 "SMART" are the 300mm long pallets. Each of it is equipped with 4 prism rollers and one hysteresis element. The pallets are driven over a running belt. The load transfer and the guidance are done by the prism rollers. The AL75 "SMART" is built extremely compact and suitable for limited space requirements and small-sized workpieces.

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Indexing Slat Conveyor ST85

The Type ST85 Slat Conveyor is a non-accumulating pallet conveyor that is typically manually loaded and robotically unloaded. The ST85 Slat Conveyor basically is a dual stand chain conveyor with slats or pallets attached to the chains.

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