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Line gantry
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Roller conveyor system
Line gantry
Line gantry
Roller Conveyor System
Roller Conveyor System

AGV Automated Guided Vehicles

Highly flexible vehicle systems composed of modular components

  • Automated transport regardless of load size
  • For all industries and products
  • High availability with maximum reliability
  • Vehicle pool can be extended anytime
  • Stable construction ensure long product life
  • Unrivaled cost benefit ratio

AGV: Highly efficent automated transport systems by BLEICHERT

The intelligent way to optimize your in-house transport

Examples of Automated Guided Vehicles for flexible assembly tasks

AGV in modular design allows tailormade custom solutions for any company size and any industry sector

  • state of the art integrated safety
  • with individual layout of energy supply, navigation, vehicle control and central system control based on the demands of your company
  • system extention on demand via our modular design

BLEICHERT has various navigation systems on offer, allowing again a tailor-made solution:

The AGV follows easy to lay optical floor markings.

Zero maintenance and a no batterie concept allowing a high working and availability rate of close to 100%.

Magnetic spots
The AGV's driving route is determined by magnetic markers that are embedded into the floor.

The AGV navigates by means of lasers and reflectors positioned at above head height.

Free navigation
State of the art navigation, navigates without the need for external markers ao any kind. The high end of flexibility and ease of use.

Main modular components of the BLEICHERT AGV-AGC range

  • Vehicle chassis with drive unit, rollers and castors
    unit assembled as required for additional movements (for example lifting units, conveyoring, storage and removal etc.)
  • Energy supply
    depending on application, for example inductive (contactless energy transfer), by battery,, or a compination of both supply types (hybrid technology)
  • Safety technology
    examples: switching flap, safety edge, bumper, laser scanner
  • Navigation
    examples: optical, inductive, magnetic spots, laser and free navigation
  • Vehicle control
    optionally with or without communication
  • Central system control
    (of complex systems) for administration and coordination, logistics, peripherals

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