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Conveyor Accessories

BLEICHERT provides a complete range of accessories for all conveyor systems. Accessories are used to enhance the overall functionality and variability of the system.

Conveyor Swing Gate

Conveyor swing gates are installed and used wherever access is needed to the inside of the conveyor line. These are typically used for part storage, maintenance access, and other service work. The swing gate can be manually operated or automatic depending on the system requirements. Swing directions can be vertical or horizontal.

Turntables or Rotate Units

Turntables are devices used whenever a change in direction for the part or pallet is required. Turntables can also be used to reorient the part for the installation of additional parts. Turntables can be manual or automatic depending on the system requirements.

Lifting Units

Lifting units are used to transport pallets or parts from one level to another in a multi-level conveyor system. Lifting units can also be used to raise or lower a part or pallet to assist the ergonomic needs of an operator. BLEICHERT offers a full range of lifting units including scissor, belt, eccentric, and chain lifters.

Transfer Carriage or Shuttle Units

Transfer Carriage or Shuttle units are used to transfer pallets or workpieces from one conveyor pathway to another by means of a lateral linear movement. Shuttles can also be used to keep an isle way clear for access to the inside of the conveyor line by an operator or utility vehicle.

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Rollover Units

Rollover Units are used to rotate the part or pallet and are typically used for inspection or services purposes. The part or pallet can be rotated up to 360° to permit the operator or machine optimal access. Rotate units can be manual or automatic.

Part and Pallet Stops

Part and pallet stops are typically used for buffering, metering, and positioning. Stop devices can be pneumatic or electric depending on the application. For heavier loads stops can contain built in shock absorbers. Bleichert offers standard designs or custom applications depending on the requirement.



Pallets and Tooling

Pallets and part carriers are used whenever parts cannot be moved directly on the conveyor line. The tooling is custom designed to secure the desired part for transport. Tooling can be designed to be adjustable or with precision. The tooling can be mounted to removable pallets or directly to the conveyor depending on the application.